SMS Communication

SMS is a direct tool for product promotion. We provide two way communication gateways to receive responses


  • 87% of the Indians has a cell phone
  • 99% of cell phones have SMS capabilities
  • On an average, text messages are read within four minutes

Benefits/ uses:

-Launch of new products
– Inform customers of special promotions
– Conduct interactive SMS keyword competitions to build customer loyalty
– Time sensitive information such as “today is the last day of the sale”
– Send invitations for special events
– Send SMS vouchers to customers on special events –birthdays etc

What BOMS does?

  • Branded SMS from the company
  • We provide two way communication gateways to receive responses.
  • Real time delivery reports.
  • Instant SMS (can send sms to 10000 people in one minute).
  • SMS sent to people who are open for commercial calls/msgs (we filter out people who are registered with Do Not Disturb).
  • We can also provide you a customized portal for sending SMS to your existing network.

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