The unimaginable impact of referrals & Buzz – My true story

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The unimaginable impact of referrals & Buzz –  My true story

Just last week I decided to buy a new cell phone.  Finding the right phone these days can be a real chore.  When I was in the Jagdish Market (mobile market in Hyderabad), it was so packed that I could hardly hear myself talk.  When the salesman approached me I was actually relieved and more than glad to get a little help.  After he asked me what I was looking for he showed me some phones and explained the various plans.

Since I’m online pretty much 24/7 I was looking for something with a good web browser. He strongly encouraged me to purchase a particular phone.  When so called “experts” make a recommendation, we tend to listen.  And then I ordered it. When I first got it I was pretty excited.  I mean, who wouldn’t be.  Getting a new phone is like buying new car.  It’s hard to dismiss that “new” feeling you get when you try it for the first time.

In just a couple of days, my enthusiasm waned.  The phone was heavy, didn’t allow me to complete some simple tasks easily, and didn’t stay charged for more than a few hours. Nevertheless, I spent an arm and a leg to get this phone so I figured that I should learn to live with it.

Then I was having dinner with a friend and he said, “Why didn’t you get the [name of phone]?”  I told him the whole story and how the sales representative in the store pointed me to the one I purchased.  My friend said, “Call them up and get a new phone.”  I was reluctant at first; after all I was the one who chose the original phone in the first place.  But then I reminded myself that I should have what was going to make me happy.  Besides, I’d have to live with it every day for the next 2 years.

So I landed up again at Jagdish Market searching for my perfect match (I mean mobile) and ordered a new phone.   So why didn’t I make this choice to begin with? I think the question is really more about the influence of a referral. If I had dinner with my friend before buying the phone, I’d likely have made a different selection the first time.  The fact of the matter is that marketing can do a great job but referrals or word of mouth still holds sway.

What I am trying to tell you is that your products and services will always be subject to those who like to gossip and share information on their blogs, Facebook accounts, and tweets.  Knowing this simple fact is the key to using Word of mouth marketing or Buzz..

Basic Elements – Word of Mouth Marketing or Buzz..

• Products and services information

• Gifts and rewards for customers

• Sending messages among friends and family

• Gathering people by similar hobbies and features, for instance, the wish to be famous

Share your story of being referred to online or offline and how buzz has influenced or changed your opinion..

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